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Coolest Gluten Free Ice Cream in London

Coolest Gluten Free Ice Cream in London

On a warm day, there is nothing I like more than getting an ice cream to cool off. Luckily for us, there are tons of gluten free ice creams like magnums, twisters, and now even the swedish glace gf vegan cones. However, there are also loads of really cool places in London to get ice cream that is definitely a bit more exciting than the off-the-shelf versions!

As someone with a sweet tooth, I would wholeheartedly recommend all of these places for a totally delicious gluten free treat.

Yaki Yaki

Where: Covent Garden

What: Yaki Yaki’s amazing taiyaki have been all over Instagram as not only are they delicious, they are also incredibly photogenic. The soft serve ice cream comes in 4 flavours (vanilla, matcha, ube and coconut) and is served in a gluten free fish shaped taiyaki - which I would say best compares to a crispy brioche cone. They are so tasty, and if you fancy something different the mini taiyaki (stuffed with various fillings including nutella) and the savoury taiyaki are gluten free too!

Coeliacs: the only risk of cross contamination comes from the pre-made Croiyaki which are not gluten free. They have recently improved their processes but as always, let them know you’re coeliac.


Where: various locations

What: Amorino is an ice cream chain famed for the beautiful rose design it creates. All of the ice cream is gluten free, and there are loads of dairy free flavours too! They also have gluten free cones which is such a treat.

Coeliacs: all ice cream is gluten free so the risk of cross contamination comes from the normal cones, make sure to let the team know and they will change their gloves/use clean utensils.



Where: Piccadilly

What: Grom is a 100% GLUTEN FREE ice cream shop in London and in various European countries. Think cones dipped in chocolate, ice cream stuffed brioche and being able to eat everything! It’s not just a novelty either, everything is delicious.

Coeliacs: everything is gluten free!


Where: Soho

What: Not only is Yorica 100% GLUTEN FREE, it is also free from all of the top allergens and totally vegan! This is my top tip for anyone visiting London, sunny day or not. The options include soft serve, ice cream, freshly baked waffles and crepes (drooling yet). The flavours are to die for, and the toppings, which include the likes of gluten free vegan oreos, are great too.

Coeliacs: everything is gluten free!



Where: Soho

What: Yolkin make something a bit different from the other places in this guide - ice cream filled macaron sandwiches! They are a real treat and very instagrammable. There are gluten free pre-made options including the mermaid (almond macaron with salted caramel ice cream and white chocolate tail) and the doughnut (macaron with vanilla ice cream and a raspberry sorbet centre), or you can make your own.

Coeliacs: one of the pre-made options and some of the ice cream is not gluten free, so be sure to speak to staff to avoid cross contamination.

Enjoy! x

London Gluten Free Guide

London Gluten Free Guide