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Gluten Free Letterbox Birthday Cake!

Gluten Free Letterbox Birthday Cake!

A few weeks ago it was my boyfriend James’s birthday. Having recently started my job as a trainee solicitor, I didn’t have time to bake. Luckily, the lovely people at bakerdays had my back with their amazing gluten free letterbox cake!

There are literally thousands of designs on their website, so I used the search box to hunt for things that James likes. He’s unashamedly a bit of a Star Wars fan, so when I stumbled across the Yoda cakes I couldn’t resist!

The lovely team at bakerdays will make sure the cake is delivered on time. I had no idea what to expect, but I was so impressed. The mini cake comes in a beautiful tin, safely secured in a pretty box.

As for the taste, it’s delicious. It really does taste just like the shop bought birthday cake I remember, and my gluten eating boyfriend could not tell the difference.

My immediate reaction was that this would be a great birthday present for my nieces, friends, dad, or really anyone who can be tricky to buy for. The fact that bakerdays offer gluten free cake is a huge bonus too.

Definitely one to keep in mind for your upcoming birthdays!

Georgia x

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