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Gluten Free Veggie Lunch On The Go

Gluten Free Veggie Lunch On The Go

Lunch on the go is tricky enough when you eat gluten free, let alone with the added complication of eating vegetarian too. One of the things I find hardest about eating gf is when I'm out and about and people I'm with suggest just 'popping' into a shop to grab a sandwich for lunch. 

However, as with all things gluten free, the market for lunch options has got much better over the past few years. Having a few options where you know you can always pick something up if you need to is really handy, and makes you feel much more prepared, and not in a take a pack lunch kind of way. So with that in mind, here are my favourite gluten free veggie lunch on the go options!


Options: plant burger with gf bun, meatless meatballs, sweet potato falafel hot box, various salads

Leon is without a doubt my favourite on the go lunch option. Everything is clearly marked with allergens and dietary requirements. Almost everything can be gluten free and the veggie range got much wider this year. You can pick up the plant burger with a gluten free bun, meatless meatballs (yum), or sweet potato falafel hotbox (my fave). If you're feeling extra hungry the baked fries are a tasty side and there's tons of gf (and often vegan) sweet treats available too.


Options: hot pots, soups and salads

Whilst Pret's main flaw is that it doesn't carry gluten free wraps or sandwiches, you can find plenty of other gluten free and veggie options which are all clearly marked. There are various options such as soups, hot pots like the veggie chilli, and salads. My favourite is the buffalo mozzarella and pesto salad with chargrilled courgette, pepper and avocado. If you fancy a sweet treat they have a popcorn bar and a brand new gf lemon drizzle slice too!


Options: humble warrior salad, thai coconut veggie pot'soup, miso soup

The cold options at itsu are a little lacking, but you can pick up the 'humble warrior' salad featuring the likes of falafel, avocado, brocolini, rice and a low fat green herb dressing. As for hot food, the thai coconut veggie pot'soup and miso soup are both gluten free and veggie for a healthier lunch option. If sushi's more your style you can grab the avo baby rolls, which are gluten free without the sauce.

Marks and Spencers

Options: red leicester and tomato sandwich, egg and cress sandwich, mexican three bean wrap

The current superstars of the gluten free world, M&S, are making everyone's life easier with their ever expanding 'made without' range. The on the go options include sandwiches, like my favourite red leicester and claret tomato, and wraps like the mexican three bean, and are available at even the small stores. Their crisps are gluten free, so you can grab a meal deal, and there's plenty of gluten free snack options too.


Options: chipotle bean and butternut squash wrap

A recent addition to the gluten free veggie lunch option crew, Costa brought out a gf vegan chipotle bean and butternut squash wrap earlier this year. It's really tasty and comes in at under 300 calories, but as a result is not the most filling so if you're hungry get snacks too.

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My Go-to Gluten Free Snacks

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