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Gluten Free and Vegetarian: What I Eat in a Week

Gluten Free and Vegetarian: What I Eat in a Week

I've been following a gluten free diet since 2014, and became vegetarian early this year. People often joke about how I've made my diet even more awkward, and I do feel a bit guilty when friends invite me for dinner and have to figure out what to make! But I have to say, I haven't found it hard to cook for myself at home at all, or to eat out.

Vegetarianism is so popular now, and there's gluten free options all over the place, so it's actually a lot less tricky than you'd think to combine the two.

If you're thinking of going vegetarian, or already are gluten free and veggie, hopefully this post on what I eat in a week will give you some inspiration. I thought I'd do an overview of what I eat over 2 weeks, and then give a bit more detail below, including some of the recipes.

Overview: what I ate over the past 2 weeks



Nutribrex with Vanilla Alpro

Vanilla Alpro tastes like ice cream (i.e. dreamy), and doesn't upset my stomach as dairy sometimes does. The Nutribrex adds some fibre and some carbs to keep your energy up.

Nature's path granola

I usually have too much of a sweet tooth for granola, but Nature's Path 'Nice and Nobbly' berry granola is a total win. Just the right level of sweetness, and it goes perfectly with the flavoured Alpro yoghurts (my favourites are pineapple and peach).

Genius gluten free crumpets

I really love these crumpets. Great texture, and perfect with a cheeky drizzle of Nutella and berries. 

American pancakes

I use this recipe:, adapted to be gluten free using GF flour (I've found them all to work equally well) and 1 tsp xantham gum.


Pasta dishes

I find Tesco gluten free pasta the best, but they're all pretty good as long as you cook the pasta long enough. Make no earlier than the night before to avoid the pasta going hard. If you fancy trying it with caesar dressing like me, make sure to check there's no barley contained.


I take a lot of soup in during the week and microwave it. My favourite brands are Soupologie and Watmuff and Beckett, but head to any supermarket and you'll find tons of gf veggie options! I always have mine with a Schar brown ciabatta roll.

Goats Cheese, Sweet Potato, Caramelised Onion Tart

You can find the recipes for two versions of this tart over on my recipes page!


Falafel is a great gf veggie option, and Gosh have loads of versions as well as pakora, quinoa bites and more. I have it in salad with garlic dressing, or in a wrap (Warburtons GF or B Free) with lettuce and garlic mayo.


Stir fries

I love a stir fry to use up leftover veggies, and I always add either tofu or Quorn pieces. Stir fry sauces can be tricky to find gluten free, my go-to is Blue Dragon sweet chilli and garlic sauce.

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

I make this all the time because it's my boyfriend's absolute fave. You can find my recipe on my recipes page!

Veggie curry

Veggie curry is another thing we make loads. I add onion, sweet potato, red pepper, chickpeas and spinach, and use Patak's tikka masala paste with a can of tomatoes. If I fancy a treat I'll have Patak's popadums which are gf, or Whole Creations naan bread.

Red Thai curry

Thai food is a great gf option, and really easy to make veggie. My recipe is available over on my recipes page!

Stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers are a fab healthy, easy, gluten free, veggie dinner. I either stuff mine with Quorn chill con carne and serve with rice, or stuff with rice and chilli pesto, with mozzarella melted on top.

Veggie sausages and pies

Vegetarian Sunday roasts are tricky, but we love to have either pie or veggie sausages with mash, vegetables and gravy. My favourite sausages are the Linda McCartney chorizo style ones - not many of her sausages are gluten free but these are and they're delicious!

As for pies, Clive's Pies are all gluten free and they have TONS of veggie options, the Aloo Gobi is my favourite. Tesco free from vegetarian gravy is fab to go on top, and the new Bisto gf gravy is also vegetarian!

Other options

  • Old El Paso gf fajita kit with Quorn, peppers, and onions
  • Pizza - my favourites are the Pizza Express gluten free one and White Rabbit mozzarella fella, or you can make your own, I like Schar gf bases.
  • Macaroni cheese - you can get gf macaroni at a lot of supermarkets now - swap the flour in the white sauce for a gf version and you're good to go.
  • Risotto and paella - rice dishes can be a really good go-to gf veggie option, I like making butternut risotto and paella with peas and saffron.
  • Lasagna with quorn mince - recipe on my recipes page
  • Anything you can think of - just swap any meat for tofu or Quorn!


I hope this has been helpful and that you've got some inspiration now! Being gluten free and veggie really isn't as hard as you'd think.

Georgia x

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