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Paris Gluten Free Guide

Paris Gluten Free Guide

Paris, city of love, city of the Eiffel tower, city of cheese, croissants and wine, city of gluten free? Suprisingly, yes! Paris is fantastic for gluten free options. Gone are the days when France was a near impossible coeliac holiday destination. If you ask for “sans gluten” at restaurants, you will almost certainly be at least understood.

If you don’t want to risk just walking into a restaurant, there are TONS of 100% gluten free or gluten free friendly restaurants in Paris. We went for 3 days, and I did not even nearly tick off all of the places on my list. It is so easy to get the Eurostar to Paris now that we’re contemplating a foodie trip back very soon.

I hope you enjoy Paris, and make sure to let me know where you visit!



The clue is in the name, NoGlu is a 100% gluten free restaurant. It is also a really cute spot to sit and enjoy lunch. They have sandwiches and various main dishes including soups, salads and even lasagna. Plus you can pick up a slice of cake or patisserie including a delicious croissant or pain au chocolat.

Good stop: en route to the Pantheon

Cafe Mareva

Another 100% gluten free hotspot, this time involving sweet and savoury sweet potato waffles. The waffles are absolutely delicious! I can personally recommend adding guac to a savoury waffle, yum!

Good stop: before a walk along Canal Saint Martin


For undoubtedly the best bread you’ve ever had, head to Chambelland. It’s a really cute little cafe which is popular, so its few seats get taken quickly. The focaccia is to die for, the staff are friendly, and their lunch deal is a great way to try their delicious cookies. Also grab some of the sugar bread, the raisin and vanilla is perfect.

Good stop: during a day exploring Le Marais

Bears and Raccoons

We didn’t make it to Bears and Raccoons, but word on the street is that they have the best sub rolls with loads of fillings. In my head it’s like an upmarket Subway with gf options, i.e. a winner.

Good stop: en route to Cimitiere du Pere Lachaise


France wouldn’t be France without crepes! Well, it probably would, but crepes help. Breizh is a great spot for a gluten free sweet or savoury crepe. There is often a queue out of the door, and it is busy even late at night! Personally a post night out crepe sounds right up my street.

Good stop: whenever you fancy a crepe!



Big Love

Whatever your feelings are about eating pizza in France, put them aside (unless your feelings are that it’s a great idea). Big Love has the best pizza in the world (gluten free or not) and is worth abandoning all moral judgement for. The pizza comes gluten free AS STANDARD which just tells you how great it is, plus no cross contamination risk. The other dishes aren’t gf, but that’s ok, you’re there for the pizza.

Good stop: before a trip to world famous cocktail bar the Little Red Door

Il Quadrifoglio

What’s better than heart shaped pizza? Gluten free heart shaped pizza! I can’t say I have come across gf heart shaped pizza anywhere except Il Quadrifoglio. The Italian staff are the loveliest people ever, it’s a nice, atmospheric restaurant for a sit down meal, and the crust is heavenly.

Good stop: for a romantic meal for two


Yummy and Guilt Free

Another 100% gf find, with waffles on sticks that taste as good as they look, if not better. You can choose from loads of sweet and savoury toppings and watch as your choice is added to your freshly made waffle. We went for chocolate hazelnut, and lime cheesecake. Both were delicious!

Good stop: en route to Notre Dame


A 100% gluten free (cones, toppings, everything) ice cream shop. Grom is now found in many cities around the world including London, but ice cream is just better when you’re on holiday. You can also grab a hot chocolate here on colder days.

Good stop: when it’s hot - various locations


Helmut Newcake

I am ashamed to say that despite being recommended it a million times, we missed Helmut Newcake as it’s closed on Sundays and Mondays! Helmut Newcake is a 100% gluten free patisserie that has stunning treats with rave reviews. Even though I haven’t been, I am assured it is a MUST visit.

Good stop: en route to Le Louvre

Photo credit: @helmutnewcake

Photo credit: @helmutnewcake


If, like me, you are a fan of macarons, you will not do better than Ladurée. There is a huge shop on the Champs-Élysées, with loads of different flavours. Macarons are naturally gluten free, so we can enjoy them just like ‘normal’ people, woohoo!

Good stop: whilst admiring the shop windows of the Champs -Élysées

Georgia x

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